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for Harp strings of brands

Pirastro and Bow Brand

We make now a special spring campaign for harp strings.

The campaign run from 01.04.2023 till 15.05.2023.

Discount graduation as follows:

  • Orders between € 250,– and € 1.000,– 20% discount
  • Orders more than € 1.000,– 25% discount

For orders below of the amount of € 250,– we offer a discount of 10 %
when we receive the payment within 7 days.

Following brands available for delivery:

  • Pirastro: gut-strings in oiled and varnished version as well as wire and Nylon-strings.
  • Bow Brand: gut-strings 0. Octave G to 5th Octave A as well as wire and Nylon-strings.
    (light and standard version by gut strings, standard version and silver plated by wire strings)

We accept payment by VISA and MasterCard or money transfer.

Please ask for our non-binding offer.