Additional options

Laker with golden glitter effect

On request, it is possible to use varnishing with golden glitter effect.

Damping mechanism

Our unique damping mechanism was developed on the special request of Nicanor Zabaleta and its functioning was then brought to perfection by systematic fine-tuning. It damps the wire-strings range by means of an eighth pedal that moves a brass plate covered with felt and attached below the tuning mechanism. The eighth pedal itself is positioned on the left inside of the instrument, next to the B-pedal and at the same distance from its neighbor as are all the others.

additional options
additional options

Sound system

This innovative sound system, what we offer, was developed in cooperation with both harp-players and sound engineers and allows our instruments to be played in many different environments and musical contexts. By selecting the various pick-ups and their respective positioning, on the inside soundboard one can easily amplify the harp’s natural sound without distorting it. In addition, the pick-ups can be connected to effect processors and such an arrangement then allows for numerous sound variations.
A subsequent implementation of the system is possible for all Horngacher and Obermayer harps.
Furthermore we have installed the system as well in a few harps manufactured by other companies.

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